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(For Primary 1 to Primary 6 Students)
  • Modular Curriculum for Primary 1 and Primary 2
  • Complementing MOE syllabus
  • There is no mixed level
  • Separate classes for Higher and Normal Chinese
  • Provide qualified teachers from teachers' colleges and universities
Tailored for primary school students, this programme aims to offer students a more rounded Chinese education and also to help them acquire the necessary skills to master Chinese at school and get better grades.
Our school emphasizes on vocabulary building, word recognition, sentence construction, composition and comprehension. Our students also learn to pick up listening comprehension skills through exercises, revisions and mock examinations. Through our guidance lessons, our students also learn how to perform well during their oral examinations. We also incorporate weekly spellings and words previously learnt to enhance the students' impression of what they have learnt.
We teach in advance the required modules of the school syllabus, ensuring students will have an in-depth understanding when they re-read their school materials. They are also able to verbalize their thoughts in Chinese. Students will also receive a set of supplementary notes and exercise materials to cater to the demands of the national curriculum.
Our teachers also evaluate their students' standards through weekly spelling, practices and mock examinations. They will also provide end-of-term detailed report highlighting every single student's strengths and need-to-improve areas. As all our teachers know, a strong command of Chinese will also benefit them in a big way when they step into the society and join the work force.